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19 thoughts on “Home

  1. Do you all think new safety measures being implemented in professional football will affect the game. If so how, will it be in a positive or negative way.

  2. I think its going to be. Negative. Either youre all in or you’re not! Its a physical thang! In this sport either you go hard or dont go at all.

  3. Big H the Podcast was really good I really enjoyed you guys. Great Job. I’ve been sharing the site with the fellas at the office. Khalid wants to talk about some sports with you. Once again great job.

  4. Shout out to all the SRT crew. The Episode 7 podcast was just wonderful! It was interesting, entertaining, and informative; just really really good! I especially enjoyed HM3′s joke and all the commentary. Having a guest was also a great addition. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great podcast fellas! I tune in every week, I appreciate you putting me on to some good listening slick… One thing about the Falcons, Rowdy Roddy has always been and will be “the man” in Atlanta. Julio is very talented but Roddy beat double teams consistently and basically carried the team to the playoffs even with an average qb in Matt Ryan. If Roddy and Samuel gets healthy by week 7, Atl might not lose another game til they travel to the frozen tundra(GO PACK GO).

  6. BIG WOOL’s picks…Clemson -27…Oregon -14…Texas a&m -7…Tennessee titans +14…Cleveland +3…Philly eagles +1

  7. Episode 7 was an absolute classic! Loved this inside info on Alabama Crimson Tide. My question is, where do you anticipate Johnny Manzel to be drafted and how well will he do on that team?

    -from your loyal listener, Young Money!

  8. Good Morning SRT Crew, just finished visiting milestone Episode #10 at the Penthouse, 300th floor over looking Atlantic Station. As I expected, it was a wonderful show…didn’t think it could get any better than previous shows in the past but it was! The chemistry among you all, the dynamic, heated conversational exchanges (worth a million dollars alone), the insight, valuable info and last but not least – let’s not forget the jokes are fabulous and destined for greatness. Keep dreaming guys!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Congrats fellas on the milestone episode #10–the best show yet in my opinion. The addition of “State Your Case” is a nice touch–I hope it is a permanent fixture on the show.

    But one thing….you guys are wrong about Kobe. He’s still the best…#2 at worst.

  10. Hey guys, first time listener but very impressed with the content. It’s a pleasure to be on the ground floor of this venture and I hope that the show and other opportunities continue to come to you. Enjoyed the interview with your Loyal Listener. Great voice and personality. Are you sure she wasn’t scripted? She sounded like she could be part of your crew, lol. Hope you continue to rise.

  11. I know on the next episode you guys will be talking about DeSean Jackson. I wonder what DeSean was doing behind closed doors for the Eagles to let such a great talent go?

    Maybe you all could talk about the NBA playoff hunt? I’m an NBA junkie btw.

    Until then….

  12. Great job SRT! I really enjoyed last nights podcast. As a first time listener, I liked the energy of the team and the topics. I also want to say Thank You for the definition, explanation, breakdown and views on “Submission”. I like the positive and inspirational spin everyone put on it….Thanks for the life lesson!

    Keep up the great work!!!!

  13. Slick$ and Lady Z ep.7 was glad you all moved on from relationships and got into parenting. Lady Z and Tiff sound like they are no joke as mom or mom-to-be but that is what it takes especially to raise these black boys. Saw Lady Z on FB and LAWD HA’ MERCY she is an exotic beauty. Zenobia is widely known to mean Queen and I bow to her! LOL! Wow! Slick has 2 girls that can be stressful my dude. I am the parent of 2 adult children my son is 30 and my daughter is soon to be 28 and they both have boys one is 8yrs and the other is 10mos. Their mother and I divorced in 1989 and she moved the children to Chattanooga while i was still over in Germany in the military. When my son turned 8 he decided he wanted to live with me and the adventure began. I did not really like that my children were raised separately but I was involved heavily in my daughter’s life thanks to their mom. Both of my children turned out fine and people i am very proud of. I was tough on my children especially my son which he did not much appreciate back then. Starting at age 25 for him he constantly thanks me for being so demanding of him and putting tools in his tool belt which is what i told him I was doing. I would tell him “hey man i am putting tools in your tool belt you may not have to use all of these tools now but they will be in your belt in case that you do.” I just say your children are your children today and they will still be your children 20yrs from today.

  14. Just listened to SRT 43 and I have to say I am a Rams fan and from what i understand Michael Sam has not made the team he just made the final 75 not the final 53 as of yet.

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